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Validations throughout this site  are critical. The  principles taught here and that required for healing 

 are way outside the BOX.

When I first discovered what I am teaching you I did not believe it . However I did know that everything that I tried up to this point did not work!

During my investigation and studies I needed to validate over and over again before I " jumped in" . When I paid attention to the New RESULTS ...The rest is History.

Here we will share with you validations from professionals the principles that are shared here..

it's up to you obviously to decide when to take that next big step !


Validations will be posted throughout the site by professionals to support the principles discussed here..

Reprinted by permission:

by Dr.Jeanette Licensed psychologist since 1975 Philadelphia PA




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are different from thoughts. You cannot reach feeling information by thinking.You must be feeling in order to access feeling data. You need to get out of your "HEAD" in order to feel.

 FEELINGS are marvelous realities that enrich, excite and give meaning to life. We are conditioned from an early age to inhibit, depress, repress and deny them. This greatly diminishes our experience of life as well as our pleasure. All of the feelings in your past that were not felt become stuck emotions that are permanently held in your physical body. This is the reason your body is too tense or too fat. Your feelings live in your body.These unexpressed feelings are what cause your immune system to become weak, resulting in sickness and unhappiness. Every single feeling that you have inhibited during your entire life is stuck in the cells of your body. This emotional stagnation is the primary cause of all disease.

Verbal Therapy is so limited because it does very little to affect the autonomic nervous system or central nervous system where the denied emotions live.There is a world of difference between real feelings and "defensive thoughts.". "Defensive thoughts" are not real feelings at all. They are simply thoughts that you obsess about until you are twisted up in blocked energy. Almost everyone "thinks" that they are feeling. They are not. You cannot reach a feeling by thinking. You must experience your real feelings in order to move your human energy. It is imperative that you learn to recognize the difference between the two energies. It is the difference between life and death. One is frozen energy, the other is natural, free-flowing energy.All disease and accidents have their source in our emotions. Not expressing our real feelings creates frozen energy. Frozen energy creates disease and disharmony.

When you experience rather than inhibit these feelings there is a massive release of energy. Your natural energy begins to flow. This is, quite literally, your power. Real feelings can be accessed by becoming aware of your physical instrument---YOUR BODY. Feelings live in the body. There are two types of real feelings--emotional feelings and physical feelings. If you were perfectly tuned, you would experience the two in tandem. When you access your real feelings and start to experience them, you move the energy that has been frozen in your body as a result of denying your feelings. When your energy is flowing naturally, health and happiness are the result.

Dr. Jeanette does not consider an emotional issue resolved until there is a visible change in the physical body. Only then is it permanent. (C) copyright Dr.Doris Jeanette April, 1997

Dr. Jeanette is a licensed psychologist with 30 years of clinical practice. As Director of the Center for the New Psychology she has published and taught her original emotional health approach internationally.

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Reprinted by permission Article validating the Inner Process to Heal

Cape Town, SOUTH AFRICA   The Inner Healer: Our Drive to Wholeness

by Pat Törngren

Most of the people alive on the planet today have been emotionally wounded in infancy and childhood. Many of us are trying to heal. What are our chances? Are we to be caught forever unsuccessfully fighting our bodies' defenses? Or is there an inner drive towards wholeness and healing, which operates in our minds and bodies if we can create the conditions to allow it to occur? Personally I believe there is. I like to call this my "inner healer." My understanding is that not only our physical bodies have an "inner healer," but our psyches do too.

When we injure our bodies, they start to heal themselves, without us having to tell them to do it. If we cut ourselves, special "soldier" cells rush to the scene of the accident to deal with any infection. The blood thickens and clots, so we don't bleed to death, a scab forms for protection, and underneath that, new healthy tissue grows. It seems that the psyche works in the same way, and some of the most recent brain research is confirming this.

I believe that our minds are also "set to heal" if we don't stop them. When we go through overwhelming pain, especially in childhood, the memories of the pain, and of the unmet need beneath it, are "repressed" or "gated" in the brain so that we won't be overwhelmed and literally die. This is especially critical with early traumas such as birth, separation of the newborn from the mother, surgery, sexual molestation, and neglect, anger or violence from our parents. In fact, it applies to all physical or emotional pain that is too severe to be integrated at the time.

Once the danger has passed, the mind tries to "bring it back up" to connect it to consciousness for healing. This happens in many ways, quite naturally, and if we would just allow it to happen to children, later therapy might not be needed at all. I am thinking of myself here. If, as a baby, my mother had just let me cry out my birth-pain, while being held in her loving arms, I might have been able to heal it there and then. William Emerson is doing a lot of work with newborn babies to help them process their births during the first weeks of life. But a specialist isn't necessary-the parents can do it. The problem was that when my "inner healer" tried to come out in the form of crying, even as a baby, I could feel that it made my mother irritable and impatient. So in order to gain my mother's love, even as a baby, I tried not to cry, even when I needed to.

Of course teaching the importance of this "therapeutic crying" to new parents is fraught with danger. It is often misunderstood that we are saying, "Leave your baby to cry it out." That of course is not what I mean. When a baby cries, we should always go to it and pick it up immediately, as crying is the only way a baby has to tell us it needs something. It may be hungry, cold, in pain, or often just in need of more loving touch and holding-which in itself is a very important need. But sometimes, all the feeding, changing, comforting and rocking in the world won't stop the baby from crying, and then we need to consider the fact that it may be "primal ling." If that is the case, we shouldn't "shush" the baby up by jiggling it around, pushing something into its mouth (breast or pacifier) to shut it up, or do anything else to make it feel that we will love it less for crying. Instead we need to let it cry as long and deeply as it needs, supported in the loving arms of its parents, 'till it reaches resolution. Aletha Solter has a lot to say about this on her Aware Parenting Site, and I see that Vivian Janov endorses it as a form of "primal parenting."

When the child hits the so-called "terrible twos," it is really a time that the child is trying to work on its baby pain-and its present emotional frustrations-to release them and heal. By this time the child has some language abilities, so it doesn't need to cry when it wants to ask us for something (unless we are not listening and don't respond). Spontaneous crying now becomes more specifically a way of dealing with feelings of old or present pain and frustration, and two-year-old tantrums are ways that these little ones do it. We need to lovingly facilitate that, and not punish them for crying, or threaten to hit them if they don't stop, as is so often done. If we understand that these outbursts are their "inner healers" at work, we can support and help them better.

I believe that all repressed pain is constantly trying to re-emerge in order to be healed. It comes up in many ways, including dreams, and children's play and fantasies. So long as we let it come up, the self-healing will happen. I can remember being left alone in a hotel room one night, at six years of age. I began to scream blue murder. I was reliving being separated from my mother straight after birth and left alone in a plastic container in the newborn nursery to die of "abandonment and a broken heart." I was actually a six-year-old having a massive primal! But someone called my mother, and she came in, very angry and shut me up. I was made to feel I'd been selfish when she told me I had ruined her evening, as she would now have to stay with me. So not only did I not get help, but I was re-traumatized. If only they had let me be. I was only six, but my "inner healer" was taking the first opportunity it got to self-primal something I really needed to deal with, and would have been able to resolve if I hadn't been stopped by adults who didn't understand the process.

This process of trying to get back to my pain, and deal with it, seems to have gone on all my life, but the message I got from the adults around me was that if I cried I was bad, and when I showed any kind of feelings, especially sadness or anger, I was punished. Instead of facilitating my "inner healer," they were actually making me stuff more and more of my pain down, until I was finally totally shut down and cut off from my feelings. If they had done the opposite, I think I would have "primalled" all my early pain naturally in childhood, and have been able to deal with later traumas as they arose, if my feelings about them had been accepted. This is what we need to teach to parents. It could be called "emotional hygiene."

To return to the theme of the "inner healer," in adulthood our "inner healers" are working all the time too. We often find ourselves in situations where old pain has been triggered, or where we are returning to old, unhealthy patterns or relationships. My therapist recently suggested to me that it's not that we are just "stuck" or "sick," but that our psyches take us back there specifically to expose, deal with, and heal that area. Again it is the "inner healer" pushing us in the right direction to find wholeness and resolve whatever has to be resolved.

Our dream lives illustrate this too. I have noticed that material I am working on often starts emerging in my dreams before I am conscious that I am working on it. Some dreams have been like long, progressive "serial stories" going deeper and deeper over time, to bring pain to the surface for healing. This happened in connection with sadistic torture I was put through as a toddler. It came up in night terrors for years, with more and more insights over time. Finally I had a dream in which I "connected" to the body memory. The bruises reappeared on my body and lasted for about a week, with no other primal activity apart from the "primal dream." That would imply that our "inner healer" works even when we are asleep.

There has been a lot of talk lately about the fact that the brain becomes "hard wired" very early in life by our very first experiences, beginning in the womb, including birth, and through the baby and toddler years. It is proposed that by this time many pathways in the brain are "grooved" and become neural circuits that are set for life. This certainly sounds like bad news. However, recently I was listening to a taped lecture by France Janov in which she cites studies by recent researchers, including A. Schore, on the "plasticity" of the brain. She says they have found that if we totally relive the traumatic event from the past, with the full emotion felt when it occurred, new brain circuits will open up and begin to operate, after all these years. Once again the "inner healing" process is at work.

I have come to think about it this way: our bodies' abilities to heal themselves when injured is vital to the survival not only of the individual, but of the species. It would make sense for our psyches to operate in the same way, for the same reason.

Pat Törngren is a veteran primaller from the Cape Town area of South Africa, an avid primal community builder, and the list owner and moderator of the on-line Primal Support Group.


Reprinted by permission



Feeling the Feelings by Robert  Burney MA

"Attempting to suppress emotions is dysfunctional; it does not work.  Emotions are energy:  E-motion = energy in motion.  It is supposed to be in motion, it was meant to flow. 

Emotions have a purpose, a very good reason to be - even those emotions that feel uncomfortable.  Fear is a warning, anger is for protection, tears are for cleansing and releasing.  These are not negative emotional responses!  We were taught to react negatively to them.  It is our reaction that is dysfunctional and negative, not the emotion."

"The way to stop reacting out of our inner children is to release the stored emotional energy from our childhoods by doing the grief work that will heal our wounds.  The only effective, long term way to clear our emotional process - to clear the inner channel to Truth which exists in all of us - is to grieve the wounds which we suffered as children.  The most important single tool, the tool which is vital to changing behavior patterns and attitudes in this healing transformation, is the grief process.  The process of grieving.

We are all carrying around repressed pain, terror, shame, and rage energy from our childhoods, whether it was twenty years ago or fifty years ago.  We have this grief energy within us even if we came from a relatively healthy family, because this society is emotionally dishonest and dysfunctional."

(Text in this color are quotes from Codependence: The Dance of Wounded Souls)

Emotions are energy that is manifested in our bodies.  They exist below the neck.  They are not thoughts (although attitudes set up our emotional reactions.)  In order to do the emotional healing it is vital to start paying attention to where energy is manifesting in our bodies.  Where is there tension, tightness?  Could that "indigestion" really be some feelings?  Are those "butterflies" in my stomach telling me something emotionally?

When I am working with someone and they start having some feelings coming up, the first thing I have to tell them is to keep breathing.  Most of us have learned a variety of ways to control our emotions and one of them is to stop breathing and close our throats.  That is because grief in the form of sadness accumulates in our upper chest and breathing into it helps some of it to escape - so we learned to stop breathing at those moments when we start getting emotional, when our voice starts breaking.

Western civilization has for many years been way out of balance towards the left brain way of thinking - concrete, rational, what you see is all there is (this was in reaction to earlier times of being out of balance the other way, towards superstition and ignorance.)  Because emotional energy can not be seen or measured or weighed ("The x-ray shows you've got 5 pounds of grief in there.") emotions were discounted and devalued.  This has started to change somewhat in recent years but most of us grew up in a society that taught us that being too emotional was a bad thing that we should avoid.  (Certain cultures / subcultures give more permission for emotions but those are usually out of balance to the other extreme of allowing the emotions to rule - the goal is balance: between mental and emotional, between intuitive and rational.)

Emotions are a vital part of our being for several reasons. 

1. Because it is energy and energy cannot just disappear.  The emotional energy generated by the circumstances of our childhood and early life does not go away just because we were forced to deny it.  It is still trapped in our body - in a pressurized, explosive state, as a result of being suppressed.  If we don't learn how to release it in a healthy way it will explode outward or implode back in on us.  Eventually it will transform into some other form - such as cancer. 

2.  As long as we have pockets of pressurized emotional energy that we have to avoid dealing with - those emotional wounds will run our lives.  We use food, cigarettes, alcohol and drugs, work, religion, exercise, meditation, television, etc., to help us keep suppressing that energy.  To help us keep ourselves focused on something else, anything else, besides the emotional wounds that terrify us.  The emotional wounds are what cause obsession and compulsion, are what the "critical parent" voice works so hard to keep us from dealing with.

3.  Our emotions tell us who we are - our Soul communicates with us through emotional energy vibrations.  Truth is an emotional energy vibrational communication from our Soul on the Spiritual Plane to our being/spirit/soul on this physical plane - it is something that we feel in our heart/our gut, something that resonates within us. 

Our problem has been that because of our unhealed childhood wounds it has been very difficult to tell the difference between an intuitive emotional Truth and the emotional truth that comes from our childhood wounds.  When one of our buttons is pushed and we react out of the insecure, scared little kid inside of us (or the angry/rage filled kid, or the powerless/helpless kid, etc.) then we are reacting to what our emotional truth was when we were 5 or 9 or 14 - not to what is happening now.  Since we have been doing that all of our lives, we learned not to trust our emotional reactions (and got the message not to trust them in a variety of ways when we were kids.)

 4. We are attracted to people that feel familiar on an energetic level - which means (until we start clearing our emotional process) people that emotionally / vibrationally feel like our parents did when we were very little kids.  At a certain point in my process I realized that if I met a woman who felt like my soul mate, that the chances were pretty huge that she was one more unavailable woman that fit my pattern of being attracted to someone who would reinforce the message that I wasn't good enough, that I was unlovable.  Until we start releasing the hurt, sadness, rage, shame, terror - the emotional grief energy - from our childhoods we will keep having dysfunctional relationships.

I became willing to do the emotional healing in the summer of 1987 when I set myself up to be abandoned on my birthday one more time.  I called a counselor that I had been told was good with the emotional work.  It turned our that he was in the middle of moving to Hawaii and wasn't doing counseling anymore.  But he said I could come over and talk to him as he packed.

I don't remember anything that he said to me that day - what I do remember is that as I sat in his house watching him pack I had a feeling, and a visual image, that I had just opened Pandora's Box - the monsters were loose now and I would never be able shut that box again.

Doing the grief work is absolutely terrifying.  The word I came up with to describe how I felt was terrif***ingfying.  It felt like if I ever really owned the pain, I would end up crying in a rubber room for the rest of my life.  That if I ever really owned the rage, I would just go up and down the street shooting people.  That is not what happened.  The Spirit guided me through the process and gave me the resources I needed to release great quantities of that pent up, pressurized emotional energy.  To release enough to start learning who I really am, to start seeing my path more clearly, and to start forgiving myself and learning about love. 

I still need to do the grieving/energy release work from time to time.  There is still a hole in my soul - a seemingly bottomless abyss of wish-to-die-pain, shame, and unbearable suffering.   But it is a much smaller hole and I don't have to visit it very often. 

The wounds don't go away.  They have less power to dictate my life as I heal.  I needed to own that wounded part of me in order to start getting to know, and have compassion for, me.  I also needed to learn to have a balance because we can't live in those feelings.  We need to own them and honor them in order to own and honor ourselves - but then we need to learn to have internal boundaries that will allow us to find some balance in our life, allow us to to trust the process and our Higher Power. 

We are on a Spiritual journey - and the Force is with us.  It will help and guide us as we face the terror of owning how painful our human experience has been.  The more we are able to feel and release the feelings / emotional energy, the more clearly we can tune into the emotional energy that is Truth - and Love, Light, Joy, Beauty - coming from The Source Energy.



Following is another article, reprinted with permission,

 by Dr.Paul Hannig

The Benefits of Deep Feeling Therapy

All disorders have at their roots, some aspect of painful distortion of early reality and suppression of feeling. Deep Feeling Therapy allows individuals who are not completely closed down to release enough feeling to create change within a relatively short period of time.

Personality and mood disorders change as buried emotions (tears, cries, screams, anger, and joy) are expressed and years of repression are released. Self-fragmentation or the feeling of "being disconnected" diminishes and integration/wholeness of self is achieved. Depression, anxiety, fear, timidness, and self-doubt disappear as one becomes more emotionally grounded.

Once these upper emotional layers are worked through, the client typically settles down to a continuous steady cleansing and exorcising of deeper levels of feeling. Gradually through the use of music evocation, deep breathing, sound mentation, free association and therapist emotional reflection, the more authentic, healing parts of the self emerge. Life now goes through rapid changes as one becomes more assertive, happy, self-confident and real.

The Healing Process will be explained on the next Page







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